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Does anybody else have chills? It's unclear which deleted scenes will make it to Star Wars: The Last Jedi 's home release, but fingers crossed this quick moment is one of them.

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Han's death was major for the fandom, so seeing the other characters grieving would definitely be a cathartic experience. The director reportedly shot a ton of material, and then had the task of cutting it down to the final product's minute run. Ensuring the pace of the film moved well seems like one of Johnson's focuses, and explains why so many intriguing scenes ultimately got cut. In addition to Leia and Luke's moment of shared grief, there are a few other deleted scenes that sound epic.

For instance, Captain Phasma and Finn's confrontation was originally longer and way more interesting.

Kolekcje Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 7 #43 Leia's Vigil New Visions MINT

This included Finn revealing that Phasma lowered Starkiller Base's shields in order to save herself, resulting in the death of thousands of First Order soldiers. But pacing and runtime were ultimately more important, and Gwendoline Christie's character got the shaft for a second movie. It should be interesting to see what deleted scenes come with Star Wars: The Last Jedi 's home release; the trailer teased 14 new scenes.

Star Wars fans are always eager for more, and new content may help resolve some of the issues the community may have had with the sequel. In the meantime, check out our release list to plan your next trip tot he movies. Written By Corey Chichizola.

Luke and His Other VISION in the Dark Side Cave- Star Wars Infinities Explained

Facebook Copy to clipboard. Subscribe to our Newsletter Sign up below to receive our weekly email with the best content about movies, news and television from the team at CinemaBlend. Han was a racer, and I'm guessing that Ben would have been disqualified from racing with Han because of his force abilities it would have been seen as an unfair advantage. So even though Ben was good at flying, they couldn't share that and Han didn't know how else to connect with his son.

Kylo has been coded with feminine traits multiple times, and young Ben even more so, giving us the impression he wound have been a "mama's boy" even if he an Han did get along. We know from the Aftermath books that Leia sensed the dark side in Ben even before he was born. What if this and the force visions caused a subconscious repulsion in her leading her to unconsciously avoid her son more than was required to for work? This would have allowed the dark side to grow in him even more, causing her to feel more repulsed, etc.

In Return Of The Jedi Force Visions Allow Leia To Remember Her Mother

Basically creating a catch 22 situation that culminated with her sending him away to train with Luke, which caused serious and permanent damage to their relationship. You mean an ala Mary Shelly fear of giving birth to a monster?

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Kinda fitting since her father actually tortured her. She must have been fearful of what the genetic lottery would bring her.

The 'Everlasting Challenge' Of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, According To J.J. Abrams

However this is kinda opposite of how Leia is portrayed in Aftermath. It was like she and Ben against the world when Han was away while she was pregnant. She also could connect better with Ben through the force which Han was kinda jealous about. I like this guy's theory.

If Leia had a vision like that, it would motivate her to send her only child away to his uncle for training. At that point, she might have felt Luke was the only one who could help him. I wonder if Leia had reservations about Ben becoming a Jedi.

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Not only because she'd want him at her side, but also maybe she had dreams of him becoming a senator like her. Also, if she said she wanted grandchildren, she wouldn't have wanted Ben to stay celibate. At this point, the only way we're going to be able to find out if any of this is true is through Luke's force ghost. They do need to give the audience a little bit more to make everyone really sympathize with Kylo and want to see him redeemed.

It adds so much depth to the story as a whole and some extra feels as well. I could see this with how much their making leia like Anakin in the comics so having these like her father makes so much sense u could even explain it as Anakin trying to Warn her.