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Since its inception in with a capital of GBP1 million, NBE has been regarded as one of the oldest and most respected commercial banks in Egypt. Never isolated from national issues or concerns, NBE has been the primary supporter of Egypt's national economy by financing the major Egyptian national projects. NBE was entrusted with issuing banknotes and handling government accounts, then in the 's its activities evolved to undertaking the duties of the Central Bank.

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In the 's it focused on commercial banking while still handling the central banking duties in locations where the Central Bank had no branches. Eventually, issuing and managing Investment Certificates for the State. NBE currently controls NBE also has a network of correspondents throughout the world, but centered in Europe— Egypt's primary trade partner.

NBE is always keen on an effective presence in brokerage, financing different sectors, and maintaining the client's trust by offing the best and latest services. Whilst leading the local banking market,NBE is continuously upgrading its network of branches and channels of electronic communication, and strives to refine its human resources through advanced national and international training programs Read More. Social Links. See All. Abanoub Mahrous.

Abd Mahmod. Abdallah Abdelrhman. Abdallah Badawy.

Abdallah El-Wazeer. Tamer's Experience.

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Others Named Tamer Eissa. Take yours down from 9, to 30, see how you do, and then decide if you want to tell them that. All they want is to be like you. But lack of funding—the billions of dollars required to invest in solutions—is not the only problem in Pakistan. The Water Accord of , a document of just two pages that was supposed to enhance cooperation among the provinces, has achieved much, the students wrote in an analysis later presented to government officials and representatives. But ambiguities of interpretation that govern the distribution of water during shortages have heightened mistrust, preventing or delaying the construction of mutually beneficial dams: no province, for example, wants to participate without knowing what its allocation from a new dam might be.

And the accord could be more comprehensive in several other respects, says Sattar, the lawyer. For instance, it privileges agriculture, and even though that is sensible for a largely agrarian country, there are other national challenges for which the provinces need to find a workable mechanism.

Flood control is not mentioned. But the students by now have also learned that even if the bureaucratic impediments to development were removed, no engineering solution alone would solve every water problem in Pakistan. Dams and dikes and better floodplain management can help prevent sudden disasters, but then, downstream in the populous and flood-prone delta, the supply of essential sediment will be choked off.

Yet there are steps that can be taken to improve human lives and also ensure that adequate flows of water reach the sea. Always, problems will remain. The persistence of these challenges, made all the more acute by economic and population growth, requires increasingly sophisticated management.

Briscoe also aims to form partnerships between Harvard and major research institutions abroad.

But at the heart of the initiative there is also direct engagement with the real world, reflected in a series of collaborative projects. The Pakistan program was the first of these. Future water security initiative collaborations will involve similar, student-rich projects with other schools.

Pompeo meets India PM Modi for talks on trade، defence

Already under way is a partnership with the Environmental Law Program directed by Cox professor of law Jody Freeman and Aibel professor of law Richard Lazarus to study the management challenges presented by major rivers in countries with strong federal governments. The five student teams—six students per team—have been preparing this fall to spend the January term in their respective basins, where they will use their specialized skills to examine local issues through different lenses—policy, engineering, and hydrological, as well as constitutional, legal, environmental, and political—and consider how local experts have addressed successive challenges.

During the spring semester, the students will focus on preparing papers for an April conference in Cambridge, at which they will work with the practitioners to draw lessons for both practice and research. Nature is wonderful, but try living in a flood.

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Try living with droughts. Not so wonderful. That is how nature comes. View the discussion thread. Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies sponsors human-rights activist's talk. Photograph by Jim Harrison. These turbines generate power,… Photograph by Muhammad Hassaan Yousuf.

Photograph by Muhammad Hassaan Yousuf. Who Built the Pyramids? Street Doctor. You Might Also Like:.