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And then people started to send me rare potatoes from all over the world. One man even drove all the way from Belgium. Langford grew his collection of rare potatoes in his back garden until , when he happened to meet the then-head gardener of Lissadell, Dermot Carey, on a visit to the Organic Centre in Leitrim. I picked out 24 varieties with an Irish connection, including the famous Lumper, and it started from there.

Although Lissadell, sadly, is now closed to visitors and Dermot is no longer its head gardener, the plan is that he and David will continue to maintain the collection in its kitchen garden on a voluntary basis. For example, Kathy Marsh discovered that three of the potatoes in the Langford collection — the Lumper, Cups and Irish Apple — were grown in this part of Meath before the famine. Next, using a very sharp spade, and working to first one and then the other side of the bed, he carefully sliced out a series of rectangles of grass, which were flipped upside-down rather like opened doors onto the waiting potatoes.

This created a narrow furrow or trench either side of the bed about 20cm wide from which Dermot dug some more loose soil to finish covering the seed potatoes in the middle of the bed.

Instead, you leave it intact to stop weeds growing through it. Along with that very sharp spade, a very strong back and a hearty appetite for hard work is definitely required. But then just think of the rewards. Meanwhile, over on Facebook, GIY plans to get over , people worldwide to take a pledge to grow something they can eat facebook. The gardens are open daily from 10am to 4pm. Also sow single tender flowers such as French marigolds, tagetes, etc, to attract beneficial insects which help with both pests and pollination.

Do : Finish ordering seeds, hoe young weeds where soil is workable outdoors. Rare species of the humble spud take us back in time Thu, Mar 10, , Fionnuala Fallon. New to Market. Commercial Property. Sponsored Want to help combat climate change?


How to Grow the Best Potatoes in the World

Super delicious. Also added some garlic powder on the request of my husband. We are not vegan so I just used butter. I made some just to freeze for a quick addition to a meal later. I just made these, but added garlic to some and cheese and garlic to others…both are amazing!

We are going to freeze them and warm them up as needed.

Spud, Author at The Sweet Potato

Another great recipe. My family and I thank you again! We added Daiya shredded cheese, which worked great! They were still crispy, though, and super tasty! Thanks for such a yummy recipe! I made a version of these this morning and they were wonderful! Shredded carrot went in instead of corn for that little bit of sweetness.

I used garbanzo bean flour as the binding agent. My partner and I ate the entire batch in one go. Do you think these would freeze well? Oh these look so tasty. I am thinking of adding bacon bits to the mix. Thanks so much for posting this idea as I really want to try it in the muffin tins for easy little disks I can freeze to enjoy later. We love hash browns and I will definitely try your recipe, it looks great and so colorful hopefully my toddler will like it.

The Super Spuds 4 - Over Land and Sea

This post absolutely speaks to me! These would make such a great addition to a breakfast or brunch menu. Looks super yummy! Has anyone tried using frozen hashbrown with frozen corn for this meal? Also substituting the oil with Chia seeds soaked in water as the combining agent withat the arrowroot powder.

Not sure how it will work out but I will let you know. Your pictures look very yummy. Thanks for the idea. I love red flannel hash recipes — beets would be a great addition and scallions vs shallots add color. I saw this recipe and I knew I had to try it! Something about crispy potatoes gets me every time! Absolutely delicious recipe.

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Dana answers the leftovers question in her Recipe FAQ! I made these with sweet potatoes and shredded zucchini instead of potatoes and they came out amazing!! Hi- I made these last night for my family. They were good. A few things I would do differently next time: 1. I would double the recipe.

I well oiled my muffin tins and it was a mess getting them out. I would make them bigger. Pat them down more firmly than I did.

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And use more mix. I might try just making one big casserole type hashbrowns with this recipe- instead of the individual ones. I really hate scrubbing muffin tins. Thank you for a great recipe! Yummy recipe! Definitely doubled it for extras, which I only have 7 left. I made 36 total.

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All in all excellent recipe. I like making hash browns using my waffle iron. Nice and crispy! Thank you, thank you for easy vegan recipes. These look awesome and will be made this week!! Do you think they would work with a mix of parsnips and carrots? Would I need to increase the baking time?

The Super Spud Trilogy

Oh they sound wonderful. Oh my dear God Dana! I made these for my boys for their after school snack. So delicious! I loved the baking in muffin tin idea I have only being doing similar ones as fritters in a pan and the oven bake idea is a game changer! Thank you xx.

I made these yesterday for Easter Brunch.

They settled down into the muffin cups while they baked and looked just like miniature nests!