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From this point on, she tries to convince Jack that his Christmas plans are a mistake for his safety. However, all her attempts to stop Jack from making Christmas fail, and she is even persuaded to make the Santa suit Jack wears on Christmas Eve. After Lock, Shock, and Barrel arrive with Santa Claus and Jack takes his hat from him, Sally realizes that the situation has become far worse than she envisioned.

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She then attempts to ruin Jack's plan by pouring her whole jar of fog juice into the fountain to create a heavy fog. This works at first until Jack's pet dog Zero reveals his glowing nose which Jack immediately uses to guide his sleigh.

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Sally watches in horror and sadness as Jack takes off. In a final attempt to save Jack, she goes to rescue Santa from the evil Oogie Boogie, only to get captured as well. At the near-end, once Jack has defeated Oogie Boogie, Santa tells Jack that Sally is "the only one who makes any sense around this insane asylum". After Santa leaves, Jack finally comes to appreciate what Sally has attempted to do for him. Before Jack can say anything, the pair is interrupted by the Mayor before being taken back to Halloween Town. Eventually, Jack meets Sally again on the spiral hill and the movie ends.

Oogie Boogie decides to hold her hostage until Jack comes to save her and the town from his terror. It is from this experience that Sally falls in love with Jack. Unfortunately, she is captured by Oogie's boys and Jack has to save her from a giant spider. Later on, Sally helps provide Jack with news on events and even aids in giving Santa Halloween town's other sleigh so he can help Jack get the presents back.

At the end, she fears Jack might leave again, and once again they share a kiss on Spiral Hill.

Sally appears in all 3 installments of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Her role in the first Kingdom Hearts is relatively minor. Jack and Sora find her in the graveyard and she gives them one of the ingredients for the heart Doctor Finkelstein is making, memory Forget-Me-Not. She expresses her worries about Jack's plan of adding the Heartless swarming the town to the Halloween festivities, though Jack tells her not to worry.

Her gut feeling proves to be right, as Oogie Boogie steals the heart and attempts to use it to summon Heartless to defeat Jack. Oogie's plan fails, and Jack admits his mistake, but Sally promises that next time they will plan together. Sally is in possession of a potion Dr. Finkelstein made that can bring "true memories".


She hesitates to give the potion to Jack, as Heartless appeared when Finkelstein did so much as sniff the potion. However, Oogie Boogie pops up and steals the potion from her. When Oogie drinks the whole potion, he is overwhelmed with fear, and she concludes that this means the potion was a failure, though whether she is right or not never becomes clear. Sally plays a bigger part in Kingdom Hearts II , in which the events in Halloween Town are loosely based on the events of the film.

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Jack is determined to take Santa Claus's place this year, and even convinced Sora and the gang to join him as Santa's bodyguards. Blair drops in one day and immediately takes an interest in Sally.

He convinces Sterling to have Sally dance for his customers. While she is performing one day, the theatrical agent T. Roy Barnes notices her and convinces Sally to impersonate a famous Russian dancer named Noskerova at a party being given by Maude Turner Gordon.

At that engagement, she is found to be an imposter and is asked to leave. Before Sally leaves, however, she hears the announcement of Blair's engagement to Marcia.

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Undaunted, she proceeds with her life and eventually becomes a star on Broadway. Unfortunately she never forgets Blair and becomes terribly depressed until While never technically a lost film , Sally was unavailable for public viewing for nearly six decades. Warner Bros.

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Sepia-toned black-and-white footage is inserted to replace individual frames which are missing in the color fragment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the silent film, see Sally film. Learn more about our mission, programs, mentor stories, our team, financials, our board, press, FAQ, and more below. Our Mission Our mission is to provide free mentoring support programs and services to children of parents, guardians or siblings who have cancer.

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