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Faced with honoring her oath, or following her heart, Maya has to make the most difficult choice of her life. Check out the sidebar! You can now follow us on Networked Blogs! She is moving on. Her life was going great until a homeless guy with a grudge decided to set the building she was renovating on fire. Ethan was a firefighter filled with regret from a mistake he made long ago. An inferno brought them back together. But can fate re-ignite the spark they thought was lost forever? Proposal Unexpected by Elena Kane Adele had the perfect life, until it all fell apart.

Wondering why they ever parted ways to begin with, Adele is faced with the difficult choice of forgetting and forgiving her husband or starting a life with the man she spent years loving before life got in the way. But the instant she locks eyes with old flame Dustin at her high school reunion, Cori begins to rethink her dream of a perfect wedding…and the man she wishes would make her his wife.

Running Late by Caroline Andrus On her way to meet with her boyfriend, Will, Paige reflects upon their seven-year relationship and prepares herself to be dumped. Meanwhile, Will has something else in mind.

Cappuccino Dreaming by Louise Redmann What does it cost to be yourself? But when she sees her lover kiss her best friend, she flees into a coffee house only to trip up the stairs, spilling her cappuccino over everyone. Out of the angry crowd, one man offers his hand and a fresh drink.

Love Weavers by Katie Stephens Hannah and Wynter have two things in common: an incredible artistic talent and witchcraft. However, her novice powers simply amuse Wynter, who is embroiled in a love triangle and has no time for the young witch. When an enchanted necklace disappears, can the two work together or must their men take matters into their own hands?

Amazon Kindle Smashwords. All he could offer was thirty days of passion. He condemned her to death instead. He is known as the Weatherman. All he can offer Katherine White is thirty days of passion. But his uncontainable desire comes with an unforeseen price. In , widowed Brianna MacAulay is an independent woman struggling to support her two sons.

She turns her home into a boarding house, believing this will preserve her from accepting another unhappy marriage proposal. He journeys from Scotland to America to coerce her to move to his home in Edinburgh. Sexual sparks fly as their mutual attraction deepens, but just when Brianna is beginning to trust him, Harrison makes a critical mistake.

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Brianna tries to escape but Harrison holds her captive. He soon learns that love, not dominance, will win her heart. When an American literature student walks into his library of ancient books, his holiday intentions change. The untouchable Lann is inexplicably enraptured. For all his famed control, he cannot stay away from Katherine White. Gifted with a hunted talent and a price on his head, the best Lann can offer Kat are thirty days of unrivalled passion before returning to his paranormal crime taskforce in New York.

If Kat consents to his terms, she will agree to walk away on Day Thirty. All she knows is that she has to run. As fast as she can. Sensing that Clelia is the key to solving the crime, Josselin kidnaps her to use her as bait. Nothing could have prepared him for the truth, or the depth of his desire for his prisoner. Print Book Amazon Kindle Smashwords. Looking for love in all the wrong faces, Clarissa falls for a real jerk but is taken in by his charm and good looks. Disillusioned and broken hearted from her last failed relationship, she discovers the cantankerous new young doctor and neighbor of hers, is more than first meets the eye.

Despite her rough start and working relationship with David, the doctor, Clarissa and her pig take quite a liking to him and strike up a good friendship. Through a series of mishaps and near disasters, the two discover first impressions are sometimes misleading and second beginnings and chances often lead to great rewards. Can Clarissa overcome her hatred of hunting and cardinal rule of not mixing business with pleasure to find love? Only she can battle her own demons and change her own misconceptions about life and love. The year is A new blood group has evolved, and biological pairing, called mating, has replaced the old-world marriage ritual.

When a stranger saves astronomer Dr. Fraya Riber from drowning, her body goes into a strange state of arousal. Bound to be paired with another, Fraya frantically searches for the answers to the phenomenon that soon becomes an unwelcome addiction.

Nothing has prepared her for this painful dependence, and nothing will prepare her for the cure, or the identity of her enigmatic savior. Can she reject desire for loyalty? Must she choose between her career and her love? Can passion truly craft a bond that will last a lifetime?

Frozen: A Winter Romance Anthology. When Jess finally gives Derrick an ultimatum, tie the knot or set her free, he proposes a bizarre test to decide their destiny. Dark Moon Nightcreature 3. Twilight Hunger Twilight Series Book 7.

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