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Rules need to be established for the children and for the nanny. The expectation is that she is providing care for the children. Occasionally when she is making a meal or the driving, devices can be used by the children. Like any other employee, your nanny should not be texting or using social media while she is caring for your children.

Texting and social media should be limited to when kids are napping. This should be established at the very beginning of your relationship with her.


For more on nannies and texting read: On The Job Texting. There are different types of visitors. Your nanny may connect with another nanny in the neighbourhood. This type of relationship and interaction can be great for your nanny and your children. An open dialogue before visits with other nannies and children is always recommended. Other visitors like friends, relatives, boyfriends, or husbands should be discouraged.

Stating this at the beginning of employment can be difficult, but will avoid a more difficult situation in the future. If your nanny has an older vehicle, make sure she has proper tether straps for car seats and that the car is reasonably well maintained. Discussing these rules with your nanny may be difficult for you but establishing guidelines like this before your nanny starts will save you from all kinds of issues in the long run.

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House Rules Are there particular areas in the home you do not want the nanny entering? Behaviour Management During your interview with your potential new nanny, you should be discussing her philosophies on discipline. Here are 4 things you want to be sure to mention about disciplining your child ren. Physical punishment — spanking, slapping. One minute per age of the child. Yelling — No matter what you do as a parent, your nanny should be strongly discouraged from yelling at a child. Confidentiality This is very simple.

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Tech Rules Rules need to be established for the children and for the nanny. Occasionally when she is making a meal or the driving, devices can be used by the children Like any other employee, your nanny should not be texting or using social media while she is caring for your children. This is a rule that needs to be very clear with your children as well.

For more on nannies and texting read: On The Job Texting 5. Visitors There are different types of visitors. If the nanny is using your car or her own car, a few rules are important. Never ever leave the child in the car alone. Always have your child in the back seat and facing the proper direction for the type of car seat Do everything you can to not be distracted while driving.

Provide the child with an activity or play music that they enjoy, so the nanny can keep her eyes on the road. Never use a hand-held device cell, smartphone, etc while driving - pull over if a text, email or call needs to made. They can bring the baby to the breastfeeding mother and then settle them after. Or they can take the second feeding after mom does the first of the baby is able to mix bottle and breast. We had one for put first baby now a senior in high school. Yes, they essentially have the night shift, so you can get some blessed sleep.

When Baby cries they pick her up and soothe her, change diaper and bring the bundle to Mom for breast feeding or if a bottle i guess the nurse handles it? We had one for first week. Very grateful to have had one. We had one with the twins. Mostly so we could get some sleep and assistance because two babies was tough. I can see one being really nice, especially bc lack of sleep has been linked to PPD. I had a C-section and getting out of bed was really hard, so for the first month or so my husband would get up, change the diaper, bring the baby to me to nurse, and then put him back to sleep.

Even that helped a lot. This is how it used to work, when people lived more communally. Someone cared for the baby while the parents slept. Having interrupted sleep made me feel desperate as a new mother. I would have loved to have a night nurse. Again, fan fiction from the British tabloids cause they have no clue and no sources in the Sussex camp to feed them information.

All they can do is make stuff up to rile up their rabid base. Just awful. Did Meghan actually confirm the woman in question is the nanny or is this just typical tabloid speculation? It could easily just be a friend or something. If the nanny is American, people are going to lose their minds.

Agreed that this is a similar arrangement as the Cambridges, but that was reported back in the time. I remember it well because William hired his own childhood nanny, which I thought was so upper-class-twit of him in a way.

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This Rees-Mogg person is such a British Twit. I think you may be right about Cathy heading out to Buckleberry Manor for a few months. And LOL how the Fail, People etc made a big deal about Pippa ordering a fresh juice delivery service for Cathy because she was just so darn busy with the baby that she needed help taking care of herself. She had a lot of help. They always do when the kids are first born. The daily mail is straight up cray cray now. Requesting any information on who she is and pretty much putting them on notice that they will stalk them and every single person associated with them just because.

Can anyone explain why the press has targeted this couple. Is it because they do press their own way. This in turn could further be extended to cast doubt on every.

Might help reign them in. I kept responding to comments like this yesterday, then I went back and noticed they all came from you! Proof is in how the comment sections are moderated, with pro-Meghan comments being deleted as so many here have attested , and the unanimous, lockstep narrative. If it were only about clicks there would be a balance of positive and negative pieces and positive comments would not be deleted.

PS- Something nice: I loved your passion for investigation in the turnip toff affair. No Bay. Lisa Rinna in her bikini is for clicks. The Sussexes are to spew hate and rile up the public to tarnish their name and prevent them from being successful in their fund raising efforts. To prevent them from being more popular than their future king and queen.

This is done to protect the status quo of the current monarchy. I got this information from a friend of mine who is in US publishing both online and hard-copy. She said the reason for so many UK tabloid stories on the Sussexes is because they attract both clicks and comments. My friend said the rule of thumb was to the take the number of comments and multiply by 10 for the number of clicks on a given story.

I know nothing about extradition law. Just finished making my way through the Mulroney post and it was excellent- I love the talented, witty and passionate community here. Certainly not an Act of Parliament, sadly. We know someone helped Nanny Maria when Louis was born because she was at the wedding watching George and Charlotte. The readers of the Daily Fail are not interested in who is watching Prince Louis.

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IMHO, no one really cares about the Cambridges other than turnip pulling and Rose bush pruning because the Cambridges are boring! There is no shame in getting childcare help.

Why Moms Shouldn’t Send ‘Goodie Bags’ To Daycare

It makes me feel very jealous though. As a mother of three, I was in an abusive relationship and left alone with no help at all to raise my kids. Nobody doing the night shift and nobody giving me a break.

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Saying that though, I understand why people do become angry. People confuse their envy for anger. The very nature of them prevents that.

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