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Description Heather Feather is a baby emperor penguin from Antarctica. She sets off in this environmentally-concerned information story, all the way around Australia. H: I create to save money, the satisfaction of the create process, and the satisfaction of finishing something. P: What tips or tricks learned through experience can you share?

H: If it looks good on the outside, who cares what it looks like on the inside. Only you will see that part.

Extremely Satisfying ASMR: Binaural Sandscript Automatic Kinetic Art Sand Drawing Machine

P: When and why did you start sewing? As I got older, I realized that sewing was the only thing I was interested in enough to study full-time. P: What inspires you to start a project?

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I can't imagine how she would disguise her fairly distinctive voice, but maybe something that could be done in post editing. As others have stated she made a big investment in converting her basement to a recording space and I won't go so far as to say this was her job, but it definitely seemed like more than a hobby. To walk away from that I vaguely remember an interview she gave where she talked about very carefully protecting her identity, only for someone to recognize her at the nail salon and how that was basically her nightmare.

This at least gives me hope that I might stumble across a video of her caliber again. You guys care too much, I'd feel suffocated threading threads like these about myself.


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It's an intimate thing with asmr. Someone is giving you a nice relaxing feeling so it's an almost personal one on one interaction regardless of the medium. OP s not literally wanting to know her location. That would be creepy. OPs question is no more creepy than wanting to know why a favorite band broke up or hasnt released an album in a long time. Im sure anything CAN become something that wasn't intended but in this case, it's not creepy or weird. Cake Day.

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I thought jellybean started posting again? Continue this thread. Heather Feather was also great!