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By Tho: Goodvvin B. Goodwin, Thomas, Demonstrations of the point, by comparing it with other kinds of sinning. In sins of ignorance there may be a supposition, if he had known it, he would not have done it: but not so in these. Sinning against knowledge is the highest, but that of sinning against the holy Ghost.

Because knowledge is the greatest mercy. Knowledge is the immediate guide of men in all their waies: a man sins against his guide.

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Reason: Knowledge layeth a further obligation to obedience. Lawes come in force when promulged. There is the more contempt cast on the law. In sins against knowledge the will of the sinner closeth more with sin, as sin. What it is to sin against knowledg explained. Distinction, To sinne with knowledge and against knowledge doe differ. A regenerate man guilty of more sins knowne than another.

Yet not of more sins against knowledge.

Contents of Aggravation of sinning against knowledge.

Men sin against knowledge either objectively or circumstantially only. This distinction explained out of this Chap. Sinnes directly against knowledge reduced to two heads. In regard of our selves 5. When we abuse knowledg to help us to sin. To plot and contrive sin. To colour sins committed by lyes. When men neglect to get knowledge that might preserve them from sinning.

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When men refuse knowledge that they may sin more freely. When men hold opinions ag: their consciences. By concealing knowledge. Men indevor to suppresse knowledg in others. Delivered in severall sermons upon divers occasions. By Tho: Goodvvin B.

More from Thomas Goodwin. Other title: Aggravation of sinne. Aggravation of sinning against mercie.

Aggravations of sinning against knowledge. F[lesher] for I. Description: [8], , [1]; [6], 93 [i. Note: "Aggravation of sinne" and "Aggravations of sinning against knowledge" have separate dated title pages, but register and pagination are continuous.

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Imperfect as filmed; lacking pages in part 2. In 2 parts. Part 2, with an added separate dated title page: Aggravation of sinning against mercie By Tho: Goodwin B. It has separate pagination and register. Last numbered page in part 2 is misnumbered.

Knowledge of Past Sins

Printer's name from STC. Reproduction of the original in the Folger Shakespeare Library. The words "sinne: and sinning" and "knowledge. With a final imprimatur leaf. Electronic reproduction.